We love Simpled Eats, LLC. Chef Chris and his staff really go out of their way to make delicious, nutritious and affordable meals. We have always been treated as if we were their only customer, which of course we're not. Whenever there was a rare instance of a concern, they were prompt with getting resolution or simply answers to questions. There was plenty of variety and good things for those who have special dietary needs. We especially loved when they'd change up the menu with different and unique items. We highly recommend Simple Eats, LLC.
J. Warford
My best friend just ordered a bunch of meals for us last week, to make sure we would be well fed as my Mom recovered from her surgery. We just finished the last meal tonight, and I can say that they were all DELICIOUS! Every meal was filled with flavor without being over spiced.
We received a wide range of meals, including spaghetti, Teriyaki turkey, bbq pork, salmon, bruschetta encrusted chicken, and Michigan dried cherry salad (honestly, I thought "maple balsamic vinaigrette" sounded like it would not be good, but it was sooo delicious!)
Each meal was well portioned, made me full, but not uncomfortably so...
My Mom, Dad, girlfriend and I loved each dish, and we plan on ordering regularly.
This is exciting for us, because my parents are not the most adventurous eaters, so to find a place with such a variety of food that we all loved is quite spectacular!

This has helped so much with creating more family time after work. You heat what you want when you want it in the microwave and enjoy within a couple minutes. Everything tastes fresh and has absolutely great flavor.
Bree S. 

I have only good things to say about Simpled. They have saved me from running out to fast food when I was busy with grad school, a full time job, and life in general. I ordered Christmas dinner from them as well this year and it was fantastic. I was also very excited to see their fit line of meals. It all looks awesome. I love that they have a dietician on staff and provide accurate nutrition with each serving. Highly recommend!
Linda H. 

I have been ordering meals from Simpled Eats for every week for almost 6 months now, and have had consistently good tasting and healthy meals, great customer service, and timely delivery. I have three young children and have found that by the time we get back home from school and extracurriculars, do homework, then prep and cook dinner, eat, and then clean up, I am sending the kids to bed without spending any quality time with them. Simpled Eats has been the solution for getting family time back for us. Ordering online is easy and done once per week, I order on average four meals (two delivered Monday, and two more delivered Wednesday). The meals are made with quality fresh ingredients, and prepared in a tasty, yet healthy way. The meals are also incredibly affordable, probably ending up to cost less than if I were left on my own to meal plan and prepare. The chef has personally called me back when I have had questions, and did so in a timely manner. I cannot recommend this service enough. For a busy family, Simpled Eats has been a lifesaver.
Anthony S.
I have been ordering dinner delivery through this company for months and everything about it is amazing! The food is so fresh, reasonably priced and reliable. As a full-time working mother of two, it is so difficult to find the time to make a healthy dinner each night. Simpled has been a lifesaver for our family! Highly recommend this company!
Jamie S.
We've come to rely on having healthy and delicious food ready to heat & eat all week long - THANKS Simpled!! You're service and food keep us nutritionally fed despite our crazy schedules!
Julie J.
Affordable, delicious, healthy meals delivered fresh. Thanks Simpled!
Aaron W.
We are going on about 6 weeks with Simpled Eats and my family of 4 are SO very happy with the delicious and healthy meals! Having a week's worth of meals delivered right to your doorstep is a dream come true. I am able to spend more time with my kids and the best part is...no meal planning or prep work at all. My husband takes the lunch packs to work and has mentioned to me that he loves them. My kids (ages 2 and 7) are picky eaters, but Simpled Eats somehow got them to eat their green beans. They especially love the English Muffin Pizzas. I highly recommend Simpled Eats! A+++!
Anita H. 

We've been using Simpled for years - long before they had a store front. They never disappoint! Food is always fresh and tasty, great way to try things I never would have bought in the store and tried myself! Even my picky eater has tried new things and liked it. They are a dream come true for busy families who don't have time to cook nutritious meals but don't want to do drive thru junk every night! Chef Chris and Jenna truly go out of their way for their customers and our community and Tyler always delivers our food with a smile and kind greeting. You guys are amazing!
Kris N.
I am so happy simpled is in livingston county! Chef Chris is beyond amazing at his craft and he is an overall genuine, friendly guy! I had some food delivered to my house (how cool is that btw) and it is amazing. Mahi Mahi taco, vegetable lasagna, meatloaf....yum!! I do have to say the coconut mango protein bar ...hands down the best ever! I can't wait for those to be back on the menu!  I'm hooked!
Amanda J. 

What do I loved about Simpled? Everything! The food is AMAZING, it's convenient, and affordable. Chef Chris will work with you to design a meal plan that works best for you. It has been such a blessing to have this service in my life. Not only does it save me precious time but it helps my queasy stomach too, without skimping on flavor! My mind is at ease knowing I don't have to figure out what's for dinner or what am I going to have for lunch the next day. Yeah, Simpled takes care of that for me, and I love them for it. But what's really the icing on the cake is that they don't treat you like just another customer... they treat you like family. You know that's what's most important to them because it emulates through their business. Give them a try, a weeks worth of meals is all it'll take to get hooked!
Nicki R. 

I stopped into the storefront today. I've been wanting to do this for a long time. So cute inside and was excited to grab some yummy stuff from the cooler. I tried the protein bars and they are delicious!! Can't wait to dig into the other stuff I bought. I will for sure be stopping in more often!!
Jimeane S. 

Simpled has made my life so much easier and less stressful! I love to cook but during the week between work, kids, sporting events, there isn't always time to make something. Now I have healthy and tasty meals ready in 2 minutes! I look forward to Mondays and getting home to open my cooler for the week, its like a getting a Christmas/birthday present every week.
Erica M. 

 If you are looking for a custom solution for your families meals give Simpled a try! Excellent value for the quality of the meals prepared. Good portions, healthy, and good variety to the weekly menus. Simpled has allowed our busy family to have quality meals ready, while we are on the go. For me this has been a life saver. I have no problem keeping everyone in my family happy with the menu selections, even the picky ones. My grocery bill has gone down too! (less waste in my house and not buying things we do not need) Thank you Chef Chris & Jennya!
Danielle B.
The Simpled menus have variety. The meals are just the right size - leaving us not too full, but satisfied. The foods all have a fresh and good taste. They are never too spicy or laden with sauces or heavy gravies. The convenience can't be beat. We love it!
Juanita L. 

Simpled Eats has been a great blessing to me and my family. I really don’t enjoy cooking and could never find the time to make healthy meals with my busy schedule. Too much fast food and quick meals on the run were not the lifestyle I wanted for me or my husband. I heard about this new business venture from a friend and thought we’d give it a try.  My diabetes was out of control and I knew that it was because of not preparing healthy, portion controlled meals.  It sounded too good to be true. How could it really be so convenient, inexpensive and delicious at the same time? Wow, were we surprised! Their healthy gourmet meals were not only delicious but take only a few minutes to heat up. We’ve been using this service for three months now and we are beyond pleased as we are healthier and happier than ever before. After 3 months my A1C is normal and I’ve had to reduce my daily insulin by half. I would highly recommend giving them a try. The service and quality just can’t be beat. Thank you Chef Chris!
Shannon D.
With starting a new job, going back to school, having my son ready for bed on time, to school on time and having a 4 month old baby, prepping meals has been the last thing on my mind these past two weeks. Huge shout out to the staff of Simpled for making my life not only easier, but healthier too. Their food is delicious! Not only that but it's already packed in this nice container that fits in our lunch bags perfectly smile emoticon Thank you, thank you for all of your hard work making our families lunches and dinners!
Katrina K.
My son won a gift certificate, so why not give it a try. We loved it. Every meal tasted perfect. The two year old ate it all and my teenager could not get enough!!! Thank you Simpled!!!
Stephanie B.