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Save Health

Vegetables, lean meats, seafood, organic, gluten friendly, paleo, low carb, portion size, zero nitrates and chemicals, no antibiotics, natural whole foods, no added sugar, naturally lower sodium, leafy greens, essential oils, and ancient super foods such as quinoa, chia seed, amaranth, farro... These among others are items we utilize in our everchanging menus.  We are constantly exploring many foods to promote health and always learning from our clients about there needs and goals as far as health, and dietary needs.  Working alongside our Registered Dietitian Jodi Nemeth who brings her expertise to the table and often keeps our menu design in check with our nutritional goals, you can be sure that HEALTH is one of our most important values in the kitchen.   

  Feel free to contact us if there is a specific health concern for your family. 

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