About Us


A note from our roots..

 Graduating from school craft culinary arts in 2007 Chef Chris gained classical cooking experience, knowledge, as well as philosophy from renowned Master Chefs and one the Countries most sought after institutions for the industry.

  In 2005 he started out in the industry working under some amazing chefs at both Ciao Amicis in Brighton and Joes Produce Gourmet Market in Livonia, quickly becoming Sous Chef. Years later was brought in as the Catering Chef at St. Joseph mercy hospital in Ann Arbor preparing dishes for many  of the facilities medical professionals with an emphasis on health, variety, and of course flavor.

  While starting his own catering ventures in 2013 for various weddings, showers, and graduation parties he was also a full time employee. Together his wife Jennya and him also had three kiddos at this point and she worked as a stylist meaning we were busy!! 

OKAY Chef Chris here, I will take it from here..lol

  Meal planning/prep became part of our survival as a family and a key factor to eating healthy Whole Foods as opposed to the pizza, drive through, or what have you that is always an ever present quick fix for dinner time.  

  As we were going like this for a year or so it became obvious that our meal prepping would be something so many other families like ours would consider a "game changer"!

  While receiving feedback constantly from the few clients we began with, we continued to develop and experiment with the concept until in 2015 we created Simpled Eats LLC. We are currently more excited than ever to bring as much possible value to our communities tables!

~Chef Chris