Simpled Eats LLC
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Imagine a world where you could have a private chef bringing delicious meals to your table...

Simpled is the brainchild of Executive Chef Chris Hammack who, along with his wife, realized that there has to be affordable and convenient food outside of the drive-thru. We recognize that we feel better when we eat healthy meals yet making time to actually do so is another story. Instead, we find ourselves at fast food or eating another bowl of soup out of a can and regretting it immediately after.

Imagine a world where you didn’t have to meal plan, or grocery shop at 10 pm once your kids are asleep and the house is picked up. Think of all the extra time you’d have in the evening if you weren’t cooking and washing dishes. We take the meal planning, grocery shopping, prepping, cooking and cleaning and do it for you. Simply order your meals from our weekly changing menu, specify how many of each meal you want and we deliver them to your doorstep every Monday evening in microwave safe containers. We have 3 kids and both work so having our meals preplanned and cooked has helped keep us all on track, especially on the nights we have a sporting practice. We have heard from empty nesters and customers cooking for 1 that this service has made their lives less stressful and they have been able to decrease their food budget. Overweight clients and customers with diabetes have had success with getting their weight down and diabetes under control. Success stories such as these are what motivate us.