Before you get overwhelmed or confused let me just say we are in the process of update this page, also let me just share a little about what the packages are and how we create them.  

You can always order "a la carte" on the "current menu" page.  Weekly packages are intended to save time and money for our returning clients:)

  1. Packages below were created for clients who asked for specific amounts, if you don't see one that works for you fill out the "package intake form" at the top of THIS PAGE.
  2. After you have received a package that works for you, you can either purchase once 10% off or subscribe 20% off.

  3. When you decide what dishes you would like off the menu just fill out the order form at the bottom of "weekly packages forms and info" page. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have!!

You can click the "contact us" tab at the bottom right corner of the page any time to send a quick direct email.

~Chef Chris

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