We know, we know... you promised yourself that this year around the holidays you wouldn't be so busy and you would take more time to enjoy family and friends... and then reality knocked on the door and you are BUSYBUSYBUSYBUSY.  
Give yourself the gift of extra time and less stress this season by ordering some quick and easy oven ready ONE PAN dishes to have on hand while enjoying family and friends!
Look below to see how we can deliver more time into your week this holiday season and all year round...
 Simpled Eats' Annual Christmas Dinner Details:
As always, to save $6 on service choose in store pick up during checkout. Below is a breakdown of the details, please message us if you have any questions, chefchris@simpled.net
Dates and Times
Orders due by December 22
Pick-Up will be on December 23 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Delivery will be on December 23 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Packaging:  Everything is delivered in "oven ready" containers with heating instructions
Beef Tenderloins are delivered semi-cooked (marinated, crusted & seared to lock in flavor) in "oven ready" container with cooking instructions
Fine Print:$35 minimum order required for delivery. Charges will also include $10 service fee (or $4 if "pickup" coupon is used) and 6% MI sales tax. 

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